Ruling Letters 2015

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CN-2015-187-AS Form And Rate Filings Submissions to be Effective For Calendar Year 2016
March 26, 2015 View

Approval of Chapter 46 Of The Insurance Code Regarding Reinsurance And Repeal Of Ruling Letter              N-AF-4-63-2005

April 23, 2015 View
CN-2015-189-LR RE: Procedures Related to the Compulsory Liability Insurance Selection Form and the Implementation of Public Law 245-2014
May 21, 2015 View
CN-2015-190-D RE: Procedure for Issuing a Compliance Certificate of Voucher as Evidence of Compliance with Compulsory Liability Insurance July 13, 2015 View
CN-2015-191-AF Reports to be submitted at shareholder or partner meetings November 23, 2015 View
CN-2015-192-ES sPremium and commission form for business transacted by general agents, managers, producers and authorized representatives, individuals or corporations. December 17, 2015 View
CN-2015-193-AF Statical Information on Medical-Hospital Professional Liability Insurance in PR December 23, 2015 View