Circular letters 2013

Number Title date  
CC-2013-1825-D Notice of Issuance of Rule on Standards Related to Essential Health Benefits, Actuarial Value and Accreditation by the Us Department of Health and Human Services to Implement Essential Health Benefits Provisions
March 1, 2013 View
CC-2013-1826-AF Calendar for Filing Reports and Renewals of Certificates of Authority and Licenses for 2012  March 26, 2013 View
CC-2013-1827-AF Notification of Standard Applicable to Deadlines for Filing Documents with the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance March 27, 2013 View
CC-2013-1828-AF General Star Indemnity Company Redomestication From Connecticut to Delaware
April 17, 2013 View
CC-2013-1829-AF Wurttembergische Verischerung AG Release of Statutory Deposit
May 6, 2013 View
CC-2013-1830-AV Chemotherapy Treatment for Cancer and the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine
May 16, 2013 View
CC-2013-1831-SR Mandatory use of the "National Insurance Producer Registry", (NIPR), For The Renewal of Licenses June 7, 2013 View
CC-2013-1832-D Adoption of the New Puerto Rico Health Insurance Code, Filing Requirements, and Standard Forms
July 10, 2013 View
CC-2013-1833-AP/AV Mandatory use of SERFF for Filing Forms, Rules, Rates, Rules, and Rates Manuals, Rate Plans, and Rate Certifications July 10, 2013 View
CC-2013-1834-EX Withdrawal of Eligibility as Surplus Lines Insurer for Ullico Casualty Company July 19, 2013 View
CC-2013-1835-D Extension of Term for Renewal of Medical Licenses August 16, 2013 View
CC-2013-1836-AP Statutory Meeting of the Insurers Syndicate for the Joint Underwriting of Medical-Hospital Professional Liability Insurance
August 27, 2013 View
CC-2013-1837-EX Recoupment of Assesments Paid to the Puerto Rico Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association
August 28, 2013



CC-2013-1838-SR Responsability to obtain training on the Health Insurance Code and the Affordable care Act
September 11, 2013 View
CC-2013-1839-D Extension of Expiration date for Certification of Good-Standing or Verification of Dental License
September 24, 2013 View
CC-2013-1840-ES Quarterly Reports of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurence Puerto Rico (OCI)
October 4, 2013 View
CC-2013-1841-AF AXIS Specialty Europe Limited
Change of Name to AXIS Specialty Europe SE
October 16, 2013 View
CC-2013-1842-AF Withdrawal of Elegibility as Surplus Lines Insurer of Heddington Insurence (U.K.) Limited
October 22, 2013 View
CC-2013-1843-AF Indian Harbor Insurance Company Redomestication From North Dakota to Delaware
November 15, 2013 View
CC-2013-1844-SR Compulsory use of the NIPR fro Changes of Address, Appointments, and Cancellation Appointments
November 22, 2013 View
CC-2013-1846-SR Mandatory Requirement For Training on The Health Insurance Code and The Affordable Care Act
November 26, 2013 View
CC-2013-1847-D Christmas Recess
December 9, 2013 View