Circular Letters 2015








Process for Notifying Inclusion on the "Selection Form" of the Compulsory Liability Insurance

February 13, 2015



Compulsory use of the Online Services Portal for Filing the Annual Business Reports and Number of Direct Jobs Generated in Puerto Rico

February 18, 2015




Errata on Circular Letter CC-2015-1857-AF

February 25, 2015


CC-2015-1858-D Administrative order no.333 of the Department of Health of PR to declare an influenza epidemic February 19, 2015 View


Special Tax Premiums

February 23, 2015


CC-2015-1860-AF Reminder Regarding the Compulsory use of the Online Services Portal March 24, 2015 View


Assignment or Sale of Policy Portfolios

May 28, 2015


CC-2015-1862-D  Important Points Regarding "Compulsory Liability Insurance Selection Form 2015-2016" June 30, 2015 View
CC-2015-1863-AF To all domestics and foreign insurers authorized to transact insurance business in Puerto Rico. "Notice of contact person". July 14, 2015 View
CC-2015-1864-CM Compulsory Notice on the Consumer's Right to select Compulsory Liability Ins August 24, 2015 View
CC-2015-1865- ES Screening fot th Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) September 4, 2015 View
CC-2015-1866-AF Statutory meeting of the Insurers Syndicate for the joint underwriting of Medical-Hospital Professional Liability Insurance October 27, 2015 View
CC-2015-1867-FI Compulsory use of online services portal for filing unclaimed funds reports November 16, 2015 View
CC-2015-1868-D Clarification of the definition of group that is applicable in Puerto Rico November 24, 2015 View
CC-2015-1869-AV-AS General guidelines and requirements for forms submissions December 1, 2015 View
CC-2015-1870-AV-AS General SERFF instructions for form and rate submissions December 1, 2015 View
CC-2015-1871-EX Catastrophe Loss Reserve December 15, 2015 View
CC-2015-1872-D Holiday Recess December 21, 2015 View