Circular Letters 2016







CC-2016-1873-D Administrative order no.344 of the Puerto Rico Department of Health to decree an influenza epidemic. January 29, 2016  View


Amendment to administrative order no. 344 of the PR Department of Health to declare an influenza epidemic.

February 1, 2016


CC-2016-1875-CM Application Process to Participate on the "Selection Form" for Compulsory Liability Insurance February 4, 2016 View
CC-2016-1876-D Administrative Order No. 348 of the Department of Health of PR for Health Services Protocols in the Zika Virus Emergency February 10, 2016 View
CC-2016-1877-D Name Change of Torus Specialty Insurance Company to Starstone Specialty Insurance Company February 12, 2016 View
CC-2016-1878-AF Alterra Excess & Surplus Insurance Company Merger With Evanston Insurance Company February 18, 2016 View
CC-2016-1879-ES Annual Business Report and Number of Direct Jobs Generated in PR Through the Online Services Portal March 2, 2016 View
CC-2016-1880-ES Study of the mothers, children, and adolescents division of the Department of Health - Severe Maternal Diseases March 8, 2016



CC-2016-1881-D Holy Week Recess March 8, 2016 View
CC-2016-1882-D Administrative Order No. 350 of the Department of Health of Puerto Rico and Coverage of Contraceptives April 13, 2016 View
CC-2016-1883-AF Study of the Mothers, Children, and Adolescents Division of the Department of Health - Fluoride Varnish April 21, 2016




Statistical Information on Medical and Hospital Malpractice Insurance in PR April 22, 2016 View
CC-2016-1885-SR Standards for Course Offerings

April 28, 2016

CC-2016-1886-AF New Procedures for Electronic Management of Surplus Lines Procedures May 26, 2016 View
CC-2016-1888-D Re: New Selection Form For Compulsory Liability Insurance 2016-2017 June 15, 2016 View
CC-2016-1889-AF Cibersecurity Risk June 23, 2016 View
CC-2016-1890-AP RE: Loss cost Review for Personal Automobile Insurance Lines September 13, 2016 View



Statutory Meeting of the Insurers Syndicate for the Joint Underwriting of Medical - Hospital Professional Liability Insurance September 13, 2016



CC-2016-1892-AF Statutory Meeting of the Insurers Joint Underwriting Syndicate for Medical and Hospital Professional Liability Insurance September 21, 2016 View
CC-2016-1893-SR Online Procedure for Applying For Examination For Insurance and Provisional Licenses October 24, 2016 View
CC-2016-1894-ARI Notice Of Change Contact Information November 1, 2016



CC-2016-1895-CM Availability of Policy and Claim Services in the Language in which the Policy was Issued November 3, 2016 View

Puerto Rico Department of Health Administrative Order No. 360 To Amend Administrative Order No. 348 Date February 10, 2016

November 3, 2016 View
CC-2016-1897-CM Request for Information on Flood Insurance November 16, 2016 View
CC-2016-1898-SR Procedure for Taking Online Seminars Offered by the OCI November 30, 2016 View
CC-2016-1899-AS Administrative Order No,362 of the Department of Health of Puerto Rico to Declare an Influenza Epidemic December 20, 2016 View