Circular Letters 2017








Application Process to Paticipate on the "Selection Form" For Compulsory Liability Insurance

February 23, 2017  View
CC-2017-1902-AF Merger of Associated International Insurance Company with Evanston Insurance Company March 7 , 2017 View
CC-2017-1904-D Repeal to Rule 101 June 23 , 2017 View
CC-2017-1905-AF Statutory Meeting of the Insurers Syndicate for the Joint Underwriting of Medical-Hospital Professional Liability Insurance July 19, 2017 View
CC-2017-1906-D To all Health Insurance Organizations and Insurers that Provide Pharmacy Coverage in Health Insurance August 21, 2017



CC-2017-1908-ES Hurricane Irma Statistics. September 18, 2017 View
CC-2017-1910-D Extension of Expiration Date of Licenses and Licensing Requirements. September 28, 2017 View
CC-2017-1911-D Compliance with the Provisions of Chapter 27 of the Insurance Code in the Investigation and Adjustment of Claims Arising from Hurricane Maria. October 2,2017 View
CC-2017-1912-D Extension of the Effective Term of Motor Vehicule Registrations and Coverage of Compulsory Liability Insurance. October 3, 2017 View
CC-2017-1913-EX Provisional Process for the Circulation of Surplus Lines Risk During the State of Emergency Due to Hurricane María. October 18, 2017



CC-2017-1914-D Extension to the Term for Tacit Approval of Forms and Rates for Insurance Policies or Contracts.  October 6, 2017 View
CC-2017-1915-D Entension of Terms due to Hurricane María November 3, 2017 View
CC-2017-1916-D Clarification of the Procedure for Granting Special Permits for Public and Independent Emergency Adjusters During a General Catastrophe to Partnerships or Corporations and Applicants from  Foreign Countries November 7, 2017 View
CC-2017-1917-ES Statistics on Hurricane María. November 9, 2017


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CC-2017-1918-D Note to Clarify Provisions of Ruling Letter Number CN-2017-221-D November 16, 2017 View
CC-2017-1909-AS Temporary Suspension-Guaranteed Subscription Period September 28, 2017 View
CC-2017-1919-D Report of Partial Payments of Advances on Payments of Claims Made as a Consequence of the Impact of Hurricane Maria and Recoverable Amounts Under the Reinsurance Program November 28, 2017



CC-2017-1920-D Scope of the Category B1 Busines Visitor Visas November 29, 2017 View