Compania de Finanzas de P.R.

Important Notice

To all the beneficiaries, principals, suppliers and claimants of Compañía de Fianzas de Puerto Rico, and all other interested parties.

On June 25, 2007 the Court of First Instance, San Juan Division civil case #KAC 2006-7872 (906) ordered the liquidation of the Compañía de Fianzas de Puerto Rico, appointing the Insurance Commissioner as the Liquidator.

All bond agreements and/or contracts issued by or on behalf of Compañía de Fianzas de Puerto Rico were ordered to be cancelled effective July 26, 2007, or on the expiration date of the bond agreement, or on the date the bond was replaced, whichever comes first.

With regard to criminal bonds, defendants are advised that if they have a criminal bond through the Compañía de Fianzas de Puerto Rico they should immediately contact their attorneys and make the necessary arrangements to appear before the Court and replace the bond through Compañía de Fianzas with another. Failure to do so may result in your arrest pending bond.

All natural or legal persons are enjoined from bringing action against the Compañía de Fianzas or the Liquidator of the Compañía de Fianzas, claiming any amount owed by the Compañía de Fianzas; or claiming payment of any benefit provided in any agreement or bond. Such actions shall be dismissed and referred to the administrative forum.

TAny person having a claim against the Compañía de Fianzas shall file claim before December 26, 2007, in the administrative forum using the appropriate form. The forms are available at the offices of the Compañía de Fianzas de Puerto Rico and the website of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance at

All claims, including those filed before the date of the Order to Liquidate, shall be filled on the claim forms so that they may be included in the Liquidation Procedure.

The completed Claim form shall be notarized and submitted in person or mailed to the following address: Oficina de Liquidaciones, 566 Calle Esmirna, Urbanización Caparra Heights, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00920.

For more information, please call (787)775-3260, extensions 3023, 3005, 3018 y 3022.



Compañía de Fianzas de Puerto Rico: liquidation was ordered on June 25, 2007 and the deadline for filing forms is December 26, 2007.